Covenant Coffee Co.

Launching Autumn 2021

The Covenant Coffee Co. is Spectra’s new purpose-driven coffee bean business, which exists to provide quality training and employment opportunities for care leavers. In addition to directly training and employing care leavers, The Covenant Coffee Co. will invest a percentage of its annual profits in a care leaver-support fund which we’re calling the ‘Bank of Mum & Dad’.

The Covenant Coffee Co. beans are an excellent choice for private contract caterers, local authorities and public institutions that want to create social value through their procurement. Our beans will also be available online for private customers.

We Will Grow More Than Profits

At Covenant Coffee Co., we will offer more than just top-quality, ethically sourced products. We will also offer a better, kinder way of doing business: one that prioritises people alongside profits.

We will combine commercial sustainability with social responsibility, reinvesting income from our catering supply contracts to provide training and employment opportunities for care leavers.

This purpose-driven approach to corporate hospitality will allow our partners to lead the way on ethical investment; upholding their commitment to society as well as to shareholders.

Covenant Coffee Van

When the support stops, we start

Statistically, young people leaving care face a bleak future. They are less likely than their peers to enter into further education or employment, and more likely to experience poverty, addiction and homelessness.

The transition to independence for care leavers comes just when they are at their most vulnerable: with their safety net suddenly withdrawn, they can struggle to move on to the next phase of their lives.

We aim to change this by using a sustainable business model to prepare care leavers for a career in the hospitality sector.

At our Covenant Coffee Training Academy, we offer barista skills training and access to work experience, as well as mentoring and coaching to help care leavers build the confidence and resilience they need to succeed and thrive.

Let’s talk about sustainability

It seems that everyone is passionate about coffee these days, and at Covenant Coffee we’re no exception: we take enormous pride in the quality, taste and freshness of all our products.

But if there’s one thing that we’re even more passionate about, it’s our impact. We believe that in order to create real, meaningful change for care leavers, our actions need to be sustainable.

That’s why all of our products are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly. By extending our commitment to kindness to communities at both ends of the supply chain, we can keep on supplying exceptional coffee without compromising our values.

Do you take commitment with your coffee?

We know that helping care leavers to become successful, independent adults benefits everyone. We also know that plenty of other people think so, too.

In becoming signatories of the Care Leaver Covenant, hundreds of you have already committed to taking positive action that supports care leavers and helps them to flourish.

By choosing Covenant Coffee as your corporate brand of choice, you can fulfil this commitment in a safe, effective and sustainable way.

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