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Supporting care leavers to live in safe and secure environments

Signatory: Engie
Locations: Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Tamworth, Wakefield

Who is Engie?

Engie is a leading energy and services company focused on three key activities: production and supply of energy, facilities management and regeneration. Engie were an early signatory of the Covenant in 2018 and have been providing invaluable support since. When organisations sign the Covenant, we ask how they can draw on their unique expertise and resources to support care leavers – Engie’s opportunities are a great example of this.

What’s the opportunity?

For many care leavers, social housing is a good option for a first independent residence. Unfortunately, these houses are sometimes poorly maintained and poorly furnished and the incoming tenant may not have the means or family support to refurbish it.

Engie’s ‘Helping Hands’ programme tackles this. Helping Hands involves Engie staff refurbishing care leavers’ homes free of charge. To date Engie have provided painting & decorating, garden clearance, fitting curtains and blinds, flooring, white goods and furniture to make living spaces more comfortable and safe. In Maisie’s case, Engie supplied a laid a new carpet in her flat in Birmingham – watch the video to see the transformation!

Another care leaver, Katie, received a total redecoration with Engie supplying paint and an expert painter as well as readying the flat for new carpets to be laid a couple of weeks later.


Do you relate to this?

If you, or someone you know, has been affected any of the issues covered in this article, and you feel you may benefit from our free impartial advise, do please contact us.


How does it work?

  • Care leaver, who has moved into first independent home, referred into Engie by local authority or Covenant team
  • Engie look at local projects to see if they have manpower and resources to support the care leaver.
  • Where it is possible to carry out ‘Helping Hands’ work, Engie team liaise with Covenant / local authority and young person to decide what work will be carried out and what resources are required.
  • Engie arrange date and team for visit with young person.
  • Work is completed and documented by Engie and Covenant teams.


  • 31 young people’s homes transformed
  • Delivering support in 5 cities including Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester.
  • Engie have also recruited 5 care leavers into Apprenticeships.

“I can’t thank ENGIE enough for giving my flat a complete makeover as when I first saw the state of the flat, I was a bit overwhelmed as I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford to get it decorated in the foreseeable future”. I have now moved in and am absolutely over the moon with my first home since leaving foster care and I can’t thank ENGIE enough”.

Katie Care Leaver

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