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Renovating a Garden for a Care Leaver Case study.

ENGIE are committed to delivering Social Value in the communities where we are contractually working.

Client: Leeds City Council / DfE

Location: Leeds City Council / DfE

Date: October 2019

As part of the ongoing works, ENGIE have been taking part in local community initiatives and providing employment and training opportunities for local people.

In light of this, Engie staff used their volunteering day to renovate a care leaders garden in Leeds.

On a wet October day, three willing volunteers visited a property in Leeds to clear an overgrown garden. First job of the day was to remove low hanging branches from the large mature trees, letting more light in and making it a more inviting space. Long grass, nettles and dense blackberry bushes were cut back to ground level, while leaving a more natural buffer strip at the rear fence to public open land in order to both soften the boundary, leaving a more natural line.

Both freshly cut and rotten branches alike were cut to length and left in small log piles to form bug hotels to enhance the bio-diversity of the garden and create natural habitats. Overgrowth of bushes to the front access steps were cut back revealing a handrail and allowing easier and safer access. Huge thanks to Ian Coleman, David Mellor and Jason Shoesmith for using their volunteering day to help Laura.

Also, thanks to Jock Coates for arranging removal of rubbish but moreover, a big shout out to Gary Hall who removed all the rubbish to the tip for us.

Key Features

  • Engie Staff Volunteering their time
  • Wellbeing
  • Assisting a care leaver
  • Promoting Social Mobility


The works have helped the care leaver by creating her a pleasant environment for her to enjoy within her own home. Due to its overgrown nature she never previously had use of her garden.

Care Leaver:
“Thank you to ENGIE for stepping in and working on my shared garden which had become too overgrown and unmanageable. I did not have the equipment to try and have a go myself. I am saving to buy a lawnmower and shears for next year as I now feel I can keep on top of it – thank you ENGIE.”

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