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National Apprenticeship Week

The Care Leaver Covenant is a government funded project that partners with private, public and voluntary organisations to support care leavers aged 16-25 in their transition from care to independence.

Championing the successes of care experienced people within local authority apprenticeship scheme.

As part of ‘National Apprenticeship Week’ we’re supporting a national effort to promote opportunities for care leavers. In partnership with Apprenticeship providers, we are looking at the support and advice for employers who are looking to create such opportunities that lead to lasting and Impactful employment & training.

As part of this we’ll be championing, via our social media channels, examples of where our local authority partners have created such opportunities and In particular the story of those young people.

Name: Kye Barton
Apprenticeship Job Role: Assistant Corporate Parenting Officer
Current Job Role: Public Engagement Officer

My role was a ring-fenced position (only open to care leavers) which I believe made me in pre-appointment more confident for Interview knowing the Interviewers are aware and well versed in promoting care leavers.

Once successful in my interview I joined the Corporate Parenting Team which works to promote and support children in care and care leavers through forums, events, fundraising and local and national campaigning at Corporate Parenting Board and the National Bench Marking Forum and many more.

I thought this role was great for both my personal experiences of the care system and my skills and acted as a great way for care leavers to enter the workforce in a supportive and understanding manner. The world of work can be quite daunting to a care leaver who in most cases will face it alone working in an environment where colleagues understand this is in my opinion the best way a care leaver can enter the workforce.

During my role despite the pandemic, myself and my colleague where able to use our own personal experiences to better the service for children in care and care leavers to come, such as extending health support, better access to the internet and hosting many events Including the launch of the amazing #yes project in Wolverhampton.

This apprenticeship gave me the confidence and skills to move on and I am now a public engagement officer for adult services within my local authority and hopefully I will join university next year to achieve my dream of becoming a social worker and this apprenticeship definitely gave me the confidence and skills I need to achieve this.


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