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University of Huddersfield

Summary: The University of Huddersfield will support care leavers interested in applying to study; as well as those already studying.

Further Details:

Foster Family Fun Days – We offer a wide range of fun, family friendly activities, inspired by the variety of subjects taught across the partnership. This is a great opportunity to visit the university campus and have a go at something new.

Pastoral Support – At the University of Huddersfield all care experienced students are offered one-to-one meetings with our designated member of staff (DMS). Students are signposted to all the University Wellbeing and Disability services when necessary including counselling, mental health support, ‘Back on Track’ advisers and a wide range of welfare related workshops including a Trans student support group, ‘Mind Your Head’ support group for students with mental health issues, an autism lunch club, anxiety and depression workshops, bereavement support and workshops around family estrangement. The DMS also works in partnership with the advice and guidance teams within each academic school.

Application Support – The University of Huddersfield invites care experienced students to bespoke events and tailored IAG sessions within our Open Days and Applicant Visit days where they can meet our DMS. We can provide both group and one-to-one sessions to help with applications and all care experienced students are contacted on application in order to offer information and advice and be invited to meet with our DMS.

Contextual admissions – The University of Huddersfield encourages care experienced students to make contact with our DMS for care leavers to discuss specific entry requirements and to arrange tailored visits/interviews.

Accommodation – The University provides information on accommodation options via their outreach team and DMS, who can arrange individual visits. The DMS works with accommodation providers to ensure priority status, to help with issues around guarantors and deposits and to guarantee access to 365 day accommodation.

Financial Support – Care experienced students who are supported by their local authorities and are under the age of 25 when they commence their studies are entitled to a care leaver bursary of £2,000 paid in instalments over 3 years. Care leavers also receive an additional £1,000 in their first year through the University scholarship fund. Care experienced students also have priority consideration when applying to the University hardship fund, and can also apply for help with educational items such as laptops, books, software and placement travel costs. All care experienced students are entitled to free gym membership throughout their studies. The University of Huddersfield also offers a PhD scholarship (The Lemn Sissay PhD scholarship for care leavers). This covers tuition fees and  provides a monthly bursary of over £1,000 for 3 years.

Transition Support – All care experienced students are invited for individual visits before they start at the University of Huddersfield. Post enrolment, the DMS works in partnership with local authorities to ensure a smooth transition into University life. All care experienced students are invited to our specific induction day for care leavers which covers all aspects of University life including finance, disability, careers, SU activities, and the Student Ambassador scheme. All care experienced students are entitled to access a learning mentor who can help bridge the gap between college and University study and all care experienced starters will be offered a ‘buddy’ from our existing group of care experienced students.

Employment Support – The University provides a designated adviser from the employability coaching team for care leavers. This member of staff attends the initial induction day for care leavers ensuring contact with the employability service from the outset of the student lifecycle. She tracks progression with the employability service from this group of students and ensures timely communication and invitations to employability events. Care experienced students are encouraged to become student ambassadors. The DMS works with all academic schools to organise work experience placements and personal development opportunities for care experienced students. As well as access to a learning mentor care experienced students can access a mentor from the senior management team within the University.

Website Support – Website information and support is available at:
http://www.hud.ac.uk/uni-life/support/care-leavers/ and

Targeted training sessions around the experiences and issues faced by care leavers will be rolled out within learning and development for all University staff during the year 2017/18. The University also regularly invites care professionals to events such as conferences, Q & A sessions and specific talks designed to enhance their understanding of HE and how to navigate their way through HE processes with the young people they are supporting. We invite PAs to attend our specific induction day with their young people and care professionals are very welcome to attend targeted events within our Open Days, Applicant Visit days and Taster Day sessions.

Next Steps

Interested? Get in touch:

If you are interested in taking up any of this support, contact Rebecca Hayes, Support Coordinator (Care Leavers & Vulnerable Adults) by email to R.Hayes@hud.ac.uk or by telephone on 01484 472 227.

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If you have further questions or would like any more information, you can contact the Care Leaver Covenant at any time.

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