Free Technology & Internet for Care Leavers

The government has announced support for a range of groups, including care leavers, to be able to access digital devices such as laptops and tablets during the coronavirus crisis.

This scheme also includes providing 4G routers for those who don’t have access to an internet connection. These devices and routers will be distributed by local authorities, academy trusts and schools.

These devices and routers will be distributed by local authorities, academy trusts and schools

If you are, or know of, a care leaver who doesn’t have a device such as a laptop or tablet, or doesn’t have an internet connection this scheme may be able to help.  

You should ensure that your school or local authority is aware of your situation so that you can be considered to receive a device.  

The easiest way to contact your local authority is through your PA, who you can ask about the scheme.  

If you don’t have a PA or haven’t been in touch with your local council recently you can still be eligible for a device. You can use this tool if you are not sure who your local council is. From there you should be able to find the leaving care team or children’s services department to make them aware of your situation. 

If you would like support with contacting your local authority you can email the Care Leaver Covenant on  

The Children’s Commissioner can also help to ensure you receive the support you are entitled to from your Local Authority so if you have any difficulties in accessing this support please email them or call them on  | Tel-08005280731 

Other Opportunities for Care Leavers

Whether or not you are interested in the Technology Support Scheme the Care Leaver Covenant has other opportunities that you can access.

These include job opportunities, apprenticeships, mentoring and coaching, access to mental health support and free and discounted recreational activities.

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