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Blackpool and Fylde College

Blackpool and Fylde College's commitment to all care experienced students studying with them

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We Blackpool and The Fylde College will demonstrate our commitment to the care leaver covenant through the following actions:
  • Giving looked after children and care leavers priority status in decisions about access to services or support. 

  • Providing application and transition support, pre entry visits, outreach activities, one to one meetings with key staff and dedicated mentoring.  The Careers team offers support with UCAS applications, funding and bursary applications and finding accommodation. Support for external liaison where required including Local Authorities. 

  • Priority offer to dedicated workshops to build confidence and study skills, familiarity with peers, staff and surroundings. 

  • Making looked after children and care leavers one of the priority groups by providing targeted financial support – bursaries, alternative financial or other forms of support and assistance. 

  • Providing support for looked after children and care leavers with opportunities to develop employability skills to enter the world of work. Including assured bespoke careers interviews with qualified and experienced teams. Support in gaining volunteering, work placements and employment where appropriate.

  • Providing the offer and monitoring of additional support for looked after children and care leavers by ensuring that pastoral, academic, progression and wellbeing support are all available and coordinated to enable the best and most appropriate support is provided. 

  • Using data about retention, attendance and achievement to celebrate success and to progress further, act on emerging issues in a timely and effective manner.

  • Providing additional support and enhancements to those who may disclose their status as looked after child or care leaver, but who do not meet the full eligibility criteria. This includes students who are ‘estranged’ from their families, experiencing serious home issues or safeguarding needs. 

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For more information: www.blackpool.ac.uk/localoffer/lookedafter 

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