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CACHE Alumni

Employability support to care leavers who would like to get into (or progress in) careers in care, childcare and education.

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What is it?

CACHE Alumni is a Professional Membership Network for anyone working within the ‘CACHE Sector’ (health and social care) and, now since completing the sign up of the Care Leaver Covenant, this cohort includes Care Leavers looking for opportunities to use their experiences with care to make a difference to the lives of others.

CACHE Alumni provides news updates, topical articles, legislation support and career information for careers in Early Years and Health and Social Care and hope that this will help to point care leavers in the right direction and help them to find their place in the right caring role.

With a CACHE Alumni membership, users can access tailored careers advice from qualified advisors, read articles on career progression and record CPD and qualifications to make job applications more easily, as well as stay up to date with the sector, share best practice and complete, free short e-learning modules designed to support careers in the sector.

As well as in-house e-learning, CACHE Alumni offer funded qualifications through a specially designed portal from The Skills Network and discounts of up to 25% on CPD E-learning courses from partners at Laser Learning and E-Careers.

Who is CACHE Alumni for?

CACHE Alumni was developed for CACHE qualified professionals who are working in the sector, to help support continued learning and access to career progression support.

As the programme has grown, they’ve seen a need for those across the sector to be able to access the support that CACHE Alumni offers, after the employer members asked to extend membership to their non-CACHE employees and they saw how the network could support recruitment, retention and progression of a wide network of people, all working collaboratively to make a difference and support new entrants to the sector by sharing best practice and allowing members with less experience to find out more about the ‘real life’ aspects of working in their chosen job role.

CACHE Alumni’s registration process has recently been updated to allow access to all, rather than restricting access to those with CACHE Qualifications. Those who indicate that they have a CACHE qualification at registration will have their account ‘verified’ with a check against our systems and will receive access to additional services and offers.

Access to CACHE Alumni is free and we don’t take card details upon registration. Employer accounts have the option to purchase job credits once their account is up and running.

Taking Up This Offer

It’s really easy to get your account, whether you’re a business or an individual looking for support (or to share your own wealth of knowledge!).  Just head to www.cachealumni.org.uk and choose the ‘get my free account’ option.

If you need help, or have issues with sign up, you can contact the dedicated Alumni team at alumni.@cache.org.uk who’d love to help.

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