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ENGIE is committed to supporting care leavers to have the opportunities they need to move to adulthood successfully and supports the Care Leaver Covenant, part of the Government’s ‘Keep on Caring’ strategy to help people leaving care to become independent.

Since the Covenant was launched in October 2018, we have supported the care leaver covenant, undertaking activities to achieve positive outcomes in selected regions. Through the sector-based champion, Claire Preston, ENGIE has now expanded their offer of support nationally.

ENGIE will support the care leavers by providing opportunities tailored to our expertise, including;

Home Improvements to care leaver homes

Through our Helping Hands initiative, ENGIE will continue to support care leavers by carrying out home improvements such as;

  • Painting and decorating
  • Home repairs
  • Garden renovations
  • supplying essential housing items

This offer is based on ENGIE working in the local area of their property, and is subject to budget/time allowances.

Providing employment and employability opportunities to care leavers

  • Advertising suitable job opportunities through the Covenant’s network
  • Site and office-based work experience with ENGIE staff
  • Employment training (CV writing, Interview skills)
  • Apprenticeship opportunities provided to care leavers attending the above (subject to apprentice positions/requirements on chosen contract)
  • Employability Support – one to one or group engagement
  • Tailored career advice
  • Mentoring Support

Being an advocate of the Care Leaver Covenant

  • ENGIE will promote the Care Leaver Covenant to others when relevant, to raise awareness of supporting care experienced young people.
  • We will also continue to support Covenant promotional events and initiatives

All commitments are based on care leavers living in an area where ENGIE is actively working.


Taking Up This Offer

If you are a care leaver or their representative and would like to discuss taking up this opportunity, please call the Care Leaver Covenant on 0800 077 3557 or email  expressing your interest.  

If you are from a Local Authority, and you would like to discuss how care leavers in your local area can access this opportunity, please contact the Care Leaver Covenant on 0800 077 3557 or email  


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