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Stuart at Choice Support

Stuart, 29, has been a support worker for Choice Support since September 2020, helping people in a supported living scheme to live a more independent life. This is his story.

Support worker, Stuart (Choice Support)

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About Stuart

When I wake up in the morning I love going to work, how many people can say that?

I always wanted to be a carer and give back. If other people hadn’t helped me, I don’t think I’d be here right now.

I went into care when I was 13. My dad and step mum were alcoholics, and I looked after my younger brother and sister a lot.

Three years before going into care, I saw my brother get knocked down by a drunk driver which really affected me, and I had a breakdown.

When I was in care, I stayed with a few different families. It wasn’t always easy, but my last family and my care workers were amazing.

Support worker, Stuart (Choice Support)

Stuart at work in his role as a Support worker for Choice Support.

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Why work in care?

Working in care is for everyone. It’s not just for women. I’m gay and I work with men who are straight, honestly your sexuality doesn’t matter. What matters is that you love helping people.

I’ve been turned down for lots of jobs before and it was actually the second time I’d applied to Choice Support before I got the job. I was so glad I tried again.

I’ve not worked in a full-time job for a while, so we agreed it was better for me to start off working part time. I work 16 hours over two days a week.

My team is amazing. We’re one big family and if anyone needs anything we’re all there for each other.

I’m dyslexic and I get so much help from Choice Support. I’ve done lots of e-learning and I’ve just achieved my Care Certificate.

In my job, I support people at a supported living scheme. There’s eight people who live at the flats, all different ages.

And they’re just like you or me – they have good days and bad days. Every day is different and a good challenge.

One day I might take someone to town, another day go to the cinema or do a bit of cleaning. I help them to do what they want to do.

My job pushes me to do better and be better. It’s really rewarding.

To anyone who’s thinking about whether working in care is for them, my advice would be – just try it, you won’t be sorry.

When I’m not working, I wish I was at work!

“My team is amazing. We’re one big family and if anyone needs anything we’re all there for each other.