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This Care Leaver Covenant App has been provided to you by Spectra First, and is funded by the Department for Education.

Moving towards independent living can be a daunting time for any young person, not just those who are preparing to leave, or have left, local authority care.


There is a responsibility to continue to help and support care leavers, and this App is part of that ongoing assistance. It has been created to provide you with useful offers provided by organisations, charities and businesses across the UK, that are exclusive to care leavers, and are intended to help you start your career, stay healthy and make new friends.

Largely, this App is designed to work offline, so once it is installed you don’t need to rely on having WiFi or an internet connection to be able to use it. This also means it won’t be using any of your phone contract data. The team at Spectra First will be updating the App with new offers as they become available, and anything new will be automatically synced to your App when you have got a connection, such as in a library or a cafe.


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