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One of our 5 programme outcomes is to enhance EET attainment for care leavers.

We created the Care Leaver Friendly Employer Charter to give organisations a set of behaviours to work towards to support care leavers to thrive in their workplace.

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We have dedicated areas for Local Authorities Engagement and Education Sector Engagement.

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Care Leaver Friendly Employer Charter

Care Leaver Covenant Charter

    Care Leaver Friendly Employer Charter

    As a care leaver friendly employer*, we commit to work towards the ‘RTD’ principles below.

    *For Recruitment and Consultancy firms, if you are acting as an Ambassador to the Covenant, you will be encouraging your clients/peers to adopt the below principles in addition to committing your own organisation.

    Recruitment (R)
    • Work with the Covenant team to promote appropriate opportunities to the care leaver community through targeted means (including but not limited to the Covenant app, website, social accounts).

    • Create a Special Point of Contact at our organisation who care leavers can contact – for guidance - before, during and after their application process (when applying for a job).

    • Offer a guaranteed interview (and constructive feedback) to applicants who identify as care experienced and meet minimum criteria for the role.

    Tracking (T)
    • Create a ‘tick box’, or similar mechanic, within application forms or ATS in order to track progress of care leaver applicants or;

    • Manually record applicants from the care leaver community (when they declare) to track progress of care leaver applicants.

    • Encourage recruitment vendors/partners to also adopt these tracking principles and share care leaver applicant progress with us.

    Development (D)
    • Assign a workplace buddy for our care leaver employees to provide informal support and guidance and help in navigating the organization.

    • Create and communicate clear boundaries and high expectations for our care leaver employees to ensure their time with us is a growing and challenging one.

    • Approach our care leaver employees’ professional challenges with compassion and empathy, recognizing that there may be a high level of disruption in their personal lives.

    By signing below, we declare ourselves a Care Leaver Friendly Employer and - once we start promoting opportunities - a signatory of the Care Leaver Covenant. We are happy to be recognised as such on Care Leaver Covenant platforms.

    Note, the Care Leaver Covenant will not publish any of your details – regarding employment vacancies or otherwise – before you have shared the relevant information.