As part of its pledge to the Care Leavers Covenant, LifeSkills created with Barclays has launched a new suite of adapted resources focused on developing care leavers’ financial capability. These 12 bite-sized activity packs have been co-created with personal advisors and care leavers, covering everything from bank accounts and payslips to borrowing and debt.


Tuckers Solicitors LLP are a Care Leaver Covenant friendly legal firm.  Tuckers have committed to engaging in advocacy for care leavers.  They are offering a package of support including legal representation and seminars offering practical guidance to care leavers and the professionals involved in supporting them to ensure a full awareness of legal rights

Approx 75,000 children are in care in England

Young people leaving care are better prepared and supported to live independently

75% of cared-for children are fostered; the remaining 25% are in residential care

They have improved access to employment, education and training

A huge 40% of all care leavers aged 19-21yrs in England are not in employment, education or training

Care leavers experience stability in their lives and feel safe and secure

7% of children in care gain entry to university

Their access to health and emotional support is improved

20% of young homeless people have previously been in care

They can achieve financial stability

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