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Sign-up to the Care Leaver Covenant to be part of a unique national inclusion programme and support our care leaver community.

Signing the Covenant

The success of the Covenant relies on our incredible signatory network, which includes organisations of all shapes and sizes based across England.

We encourage you to consider our 5 key outcomes, and think about how your organisation can support.

01. Independent Living
02. Education, Employment & Training
03. Safety & Security
04. Mental & Physical Health
05. Finance

For employment-related offers, you could start by signing the Care Leaver Friendly Employer Charter.

Any Queries?

If you have any questions about the sign up process or what it means to be a Covenant signatory, check our FAQs.

We have dedicated areas for Local Authorities Engagement and Education Sector Engagement.

Or simply drop us a line.

Follow the simple steps below to sign up to the Covenant and engage the care leaver community.

The 4 Step Process to Becoming a Signatory

We are happy to input and support, feel free to get in touch at any stage.

Step 1

Internal Planning

Think about how your Covenant offer could support your internal D&I goals, social value goals or customer outreach goals.

Also consider who your organisational leads will be for care leaver outreach: E.g. will this sit with HR/Recruitment or Customer Experience?

For employment-related offers, you could start by signing the Care Leaver Friendly Employer Charter.

Step 2

Sign a ‘Statement of Intent’ Form

This is a simple live-document that only requires a name and signature.

These forms help us to record initial interest in our programme.

Click here to request an SOI form ku.gr1652781267o.tna1652781267nevoc1652781267ym@of1652781267ni1652781267.

Step 3

Complete the Covenant Sign-up Form

Click here to begin the process.

The sign-up form is where you provide details on what your offer and opportunities are and how care leavers can access them.

We’re happy to help you at any stage – get in touch.

Step 4


Once your sign-up form is complete and your offer is confirmed, we will promote it to our care leaver community.

It would be great if you used your media channels to promote as well. We will be in touch about promotional strategy.