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South and City College Birmingham

Summary: The College is committed to supporting Care Leavers. This is the collaborative, whole-institution response evidenced through the Care Leaver Covenant.

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The College’s mission is to provide outstanding education and training which is primarily vocational, in response to the needs of learners and employers. The College believes that its learners are the most Important members of the College and that it is the responsibility of all staff to help them achieve their full potential. The College is proud of the fact that it is an inclusive, learning organisation and believes that all of its members are entitled to be treated fairly, with dignity and respect. The College Is proud of its diversity and strives to be socially inclusive, that recognises values and celebrates individual differences, where everyone is enabled to achieve their full potential.


The college bases its definition on that advocated by National Network for the Education of Care Leavers (NNECL) which uses the term care experienced as a commitment to support as many young people who have experienced care in all its forms.

We define a care experienced learners as:

Any learner who is or has ever been in the care of the Local Authority and would therefore classify themselves as care experienced.

This term refers to anyone who has been, or is currently in (local authority) care. This care may have been provided in many different settings, living with foster carers; including living in a residential children’s home; being looked after at home under a supervision order; living with friends or relatives in kinship care.


The College works closely with local authorities, virtual schools and schools to improve the transition of care leavers onto their programme of study.

The College identifies care experienced individuals during the application process and support is earmarked specifically to ensure that they understand the options available to them and are supported through the process.


Care experienced learners are given the opportunity to identify themselves during the application process. Once this occurs, Student Services are informed and arrange to meet with the learner to help with transition.


Transition visits and activities are available from all Faculties in the summer term. Care Experienced learners will be identified at application stage and sign posted by Admissions to Faculties and Student Engagement.

On Course Support

Following enrolment, a named mentor will be allocated for the duration of the programme. Mentors work specifically with care experienced learners and are trained and Trauma Informed which helps them to understand the barriers and challenges that care leavers face, including mental health. Mentors advocate for the learner throughout their time at the College, they will support emotionally and signpost them for other support whether that is within the college or to external services.

In collaboration and agreement with the care experienced learner, a support plan will be constructed which will be accessible by the personal tutor to further strengthen the ‘wrap around’ approach to support eg Care Leavers can have hectic personal lives and may need more flexibility and empathy for time off.

Careers and Employability

Each Care Leaver will be given high quality careers advice and guidance and support with the wider community to find work experience, placements and internships. They will receive support in CV writing, support for job Interviews and development of presentation skills. We are working with Covenant signatories to develop further offers for learners.

We are working with Covenant signatories to develop further offers for learners.

Graduation if Applicable

Opportunities will be available for Care Leavers to share their life/college experiences in a variety of forums which could Include senior management and governors. South and City College Birmingham continue to review all Student Support and Curriculum. As part of the college’s annual reviews, we will update the enhanced offer.



From application support, or adapted application processes and mentoring, to specific internships, work experience, apprenticeships or traineeships. This is very much open for institutional specific responses, but we believe that every institution is in a position through supporting care leavers as students to translate aspects of this to supporting and offering opportunities to current and potential employees.

Care Leavers studying at the college will be given the opportunity to become College ambassadors during Enrolment and paid an hourly rate.

Care Leavers studying at the college will be made aware of paid casual appointments advertised in the summer for availability during the Enrolment period (mid Aug until start of their study).

Care Leavers studying at the college will be informed of college job vacancies being advertised and so given the opportunity to apply and interview guaranteed if they meet the minimum criteria.

South and City College Birmingham continue to review what it can offer as an employer. As part of the college’s annual reviews, we will update the enhanced offer.

Accessing this offer

South and City College Birmingham continue to review what it can offer as an employer. As part of the college’s annual reviews, we will update the enhanced offer.



There are many services available within the college and teams have developed an offer available to our care leavers:

  • Free cut and blow-dries In the College Salons for both hairdressing and barbering
  • 2 free lunches from the Karibunis Restaurant each week when it is open for service.
  • Free makeup tutorials.
  • Free ticket to 1 Crossing Event.
  • Free waxing (when the service is offered).
  • Free ticket to the College’s annual Fashion Show.

The above will be advertised to Care Leavers through the College’s Engage App, the Learner Platform, Attain, on campus screens, social media, website and through links with the Care Leaver Covenant app.


Next Steps

Interested? Get in touch:

Reach Donna Kelly at:

Position: Director of Student Engagement

E – mail: Donna.kelly@sccb.ac.uk

Contact number: 0121 694 6342


Care Leaver Covenant

Any Queries?

If you have further questions or would like any more information, you can contact the Care Leaver Covenant at any time.

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