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Care Leaver Support Services

Summary: NYAS is offering a wide range of support services for young people to strive once they start to live independently.

Further Details:

At NYAS we believe every young person leaving care should have access to the help and support they need to thrive. We understand it can be difficult to live independently. This is why NYAS offers a range of support options for young people after they leave care, giving you the opportunity to embrace your new freedom. Please find details of our support services below.

Side by Side Care Leaver Programme

Location – Currently – Wirral/Tameside and Oxfordshire.

Our Side by Side Care leaver programme will match you with a local volunteer. This volunteer will become your mentor and can provide a broad range of support. Taking part in this 12 month programme also gives you access to a £500 skills and interest bursary.

Your volunteer mentor is like having a friend who looks out for you, offering advice and guidance on things you may be struggling with. They are someone independent who you can talk to and ask for help without worry or judgement. Whether you want help with a job application or are unsure how your washing machine works, your volunteer mentor is there to listen and help. Side by Side is currently available in the Wirral and Tameside and is extending to Oxfordshire in Match 2023, but we are hoping to spread to more areas across England and Wales in the future.

The Alumni programme allows all YP on SBS programmes to progress onto this developing programme  to becoming peer mentors for future projects. To involve them in NYAS service and youth work, to ensure they have a voice in NYAS.

YP will help shape our service and embed a young person viewpoint on the way these services are developed and delivered, through task groups and quarterly meetings.

If you want more information, call our national freephone helpline on 0808 808 1001 or email sidebyside@nyas.net or help@nyas.net.

The Knapman Fund

Location – National

The Knapman Fund The Knapman Fund is a care leaver bursary managed by NYAS. This grant is available for care-leavers aged 16-25 living in England and Wales who NYAS has previously supported. This care leaver bursary distributes grants up to £500 to help you transition into adulthood.

The Knapman Fund can fund a range of items, such as household goods, training courses, driving lessons and laptops. Find out more about the grant by downloading the information pack or using our national freephone helpline. You can call us on 0808 808 1001 or email knapmanfund@nyas.net

Advocacy Support

Location – National

Leaving care can be overwhelming, and you might have a lot of questions. If you need someone independent to talk to, feel like you’re not getting the right support, or don’t think your voice is being listened to, you have the right to ask for an independent advocate. They can help you to share how you’re feeling and allow you to communicate this to people who can help you make a change. If you would like an independent advocate, please call our national freephone helpline on 0808 808 1001 (Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm) or email help@nyas.net.

Rights and Entitlement

Location – National

As a care leaver, you have certain rights and entitlements which you should receive from your local authority. However, finding this information can often be challenging and frustrating. To help you understand what you’re entitled to, our Care Leaver FAQ guide explains all of your rights. You can also learn more about care leaver entitlements across England and Wales in our Across the Border research series, or visit the Care Leaver Local Offer website to find out what support is offered in your local area.

Volunteering opportunities?

Here are some of the ways volunteers can get involved, they can pick from the list below! We would ask that volunteers take up one or two of the opportunities highlighted:

Support with recruitment: Volunteers to support their VCO with recruitment campaigns in their locality.

  1. Volunteers can promote volunteer opportunities to friends and family members etc.
  2. Volunteers can drop off and handout leaflets and posters to organisations and community groups.
  3. Attend recruitment road shows alongside their VCO.
  4. Take part in the interview panels.
  5. Support the delivery of project training and provide a volunteer’s perspective on the role.

Evaluation and feedback: Support VCO’s with gaining valuable feedback! As an independent person the volunteers can contact volunteers and young people to find out their views on the service, they are taking part in.

  1. Surveys/questionnaire for young people and volunteers.
  2. Gain information and support with writing case studies.
  3. Gather information on facilities and activities in the local area.

Fundraise or nominate NYAS to companies to get selected as Charity of the Year.

  1. Help us to raise unrestricted funds to develop projects and campaigns to support young people in care.
  2. Contact local funders to develop relationships to increase the projects income.
  3. Approach local companies to become their charity of the month.
  4. Approach companies for donations to provide Christmas presents/ easter eggs etc.
  5. Team volunteering opportunities to fundraise and organise one-off events and activities i.e., sponsored walks, cake sales, sky dive, shark diving etc.

Volunteers’ speakers: If a volunteer is experienced in children’s services, they can become a speaker for NYAS and raise awareness of our work.

  1. Contact large organisations and agencies to inform them of the work NYAS do promoting services.
  2. Contact local organisations to develop relationships to increase the work NYAS do to expand on the volunteer reach.

Volunteer in one of our departments: Support NYAS departments with offering their skills and expertise to enhance our work. Volunteers may be able to contribute their skills in the following departments.

  1. NYAS National Volunteers Service Team: Consultation groups/Task groups, Celebration events/planning, Administration duties.
  2. NYAS Helpline: Sign posting and offering advice.
  3. NYAS Marketing and Communications: Support with Marketing requirements helping with NYAS Newsletter/ leaflets, social media campaigns etc.

For further opportunities or advice please contact: volunteersupport@nyas.net

Next Steps

Interested? Find out more below:

Information on how to access the different types of support are contained in the offer.

All links can also be accessed through:


Care Leaver Covenant

Any Queries?

If you have further questions or would like any more information, you can contact the Care Leaver Covenant at any time.

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