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University of Winchester

Summary: Continuing to work closely with Hampshire Children’s Services, Hampshire Virtual School and Hampshire Fostering Network and other local organisations.

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We the University of Winchester will demonstrate our commitment to the Care Leaver Covenant through the following actions:

  • Continue to work closely with Hampshire Children’s Services, Hampshire Virtual School and Hampshire Fostering Network, alongside other local organisations; to support raining conferences and award ceremonies enabling social workers and foster carers to support the educational progression of their care experienced young people
  • Deliver residential and day/weekend/evening events to raise aspirations and self-belief, giving young people from care background better understanding of progression routes to FE and HE
  • Prioritise care experienced young people within our target school outreach programme
  • Through the Compact Agreement in partnership with Hampshire Children’s Services, provide care leaver applicants additional credit for achievement in areas of experience other than the ones measured through usual examinations. This recognises the fact that many young people in the care system experience disruption to their education through no fault of their own, and that as a result their educational qualifications may not fully reflect their potential to succeed at university
  • Provide financial support to care leavers studying at the University of Winchester through the Kind Alfred Scholarship, which is currently a cash bursary of £2000 per year, plus an additional £100 on completion of their course in the final year of study/
  • Provide support with housing agreements, including extending the university accommodation housing contract to include the holiday periods, if required. In addition, if living hall of residence, a £75 catering card when they first move in.
  • Providing care leavers, the opportunity of accessing paid work as Higher Education Ambassadors, developing their CV whilst acting as role models to young people from under-represented backgrounds on widening participation outreach
  • Support for care leavers in the application/pre-enrolment stage and additional pastoral support throughout the student life cycle through a designated student advisor who offers information and one-to-one advice and guidance
  • Where possible, to provide financial support for care leavers to take up driving lessons and tests, as the ability to drive is often an essential employment criterion.
  • Where possible to provide a support package to Care Leavers through the Employability Fund, enabling them to access volunteering, internship and work experiences opportunities through financial support and by funding the cost of a DBS for those students taking the accredited volunteering module.
  • Support the National Network for the education of Care Leavers, a national network of organisations that seeks to connect, inform, support and champion practitioners that support the educational progression of children un care and care leavers as it transitions to become an independent charity

If you are interested in this opportunity please contact us through: info@mycovenant.org.uk
or if you would like more information: https://propel.org.uk/Details/the-university-of-winchester?subject=drama

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