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University of Liverpool

Summary: The University of Liverpool we are committed to supporting care leavers prior to starting their course, and throughout the duration of their studies.

Further Details:

1. Student

Coming to university can be an exciting time, but we understand that it can also be a time of change and many students have concerns or worries. At the University of Liverpool we are committed to supporting care leavers prior to starting their course, and throughout the duration of their studies. Through our University owned accommodation we can provide 365 day per year accommodation.

As part of the University’s Disrupted Education Project, students who have had any contact with Social Services qualify for support with Widening Participation and Student Services. To be eligible for our Care Leaver bursary the student must meet the following criteria:

  • Be aged 28 years or under (on 1 September of the year in which they commence their studies); and,
  • Have spent a minimum of 13 weeks in Local Authority care since the age of 14; and,
  • Be a ‘home’ (UK) undergraduate student or EU undergraduate student classified by the Student Loans Company as ‘home’ for student support purposes.

We can provide the following support:

Widening Participation

Our Widening Participation Team (WPO) work with all Care Experienced young people. This includes care leavers, adopted young people, those who have been in and out of care during their childhood and those who have been involved with Social Services. We can offer the following support:

Bespoke campus visits.

  • These visits allow for care experienced young people to come on to campus and meet staff from WPO, academics and undergraduates to discover more about subjects of interest, financial / pastoral support, view accommodation and see what the University of Liverpool can offer overall.
  • These visits allow for care experienced young people to come on to campus and meet staff from WPO, academics and undergraduates to discover more about subjects of interest, financial / pastoral support and view accommodation.
  • These campus experiences are accessed through our network of established relationships with regional Local Authorities and schools within Merseyside.
  • WPO are able to promote and arrange these campus visits directly to staff within Virtual Schools who then facilitate access to the children within their care.
  • Campus visits are also promoted and arranged through our network of partner schools where every Designated Teacher for Looked After Children receives targeted communications about the outreach opportunities for children in care.
  • WPO works closely with all relevant stakeholders to ensure children in care can access our campus. All campus visits are individually arranged around each child and the relevant staff/guardians who are responsible for that child/young person.
  • Transport to and from campus is arranged at a convenient time/date for the young person and WPO liaise closely with all concerned to ensure a positive campus experience for the child.

Support throughout the admissions process:

  • All Care Experienced applicants will receive comprehensive advice, support and guidance from the university from the point of application to when they are placed within the university.
  • Personal support to address any problems or questions care experienced applicants may have about university (from UCAS through to confirmation).
  • The university has adopted two approaches to supporting care leavers through the admissions process; local and national
  • Locally, WPO works closely with regional Local Authorities to identify care leavers that will be applying to university. Individual meetings with each of these students will be arranged where WPO will engage the young person with a personalised process of support.
  • The national approach involves our admissions team flagging all applicants that receive a conditional offer from the university and have identified as care experienced via UCAS. WPO will then contact each individual applicant, from across the country, highlighting the additional support available to them, and begin the process of supporting them through to university transition.
  • All applicants are encouraged to attend the Applicant Discovery Days, where they will have the opportunity to meet WPO staff for a one-to-one meeting, be introduced to academics in their subject of interest and receive advice from other university support staff (e.g. money advice). To attend the days, all reasonable UK public transport costs for the student will be met by the University.
  • Named contact during Clearing and Confirmation process for care experienced applicants to engage with, (who they will have dealt with already).

As a qualifying Care Experienced student, if you receive an offer from the University of Liverpool, the offer will be reduced by up to one A-Level grade or equivalent (excluding programmes within the School of Dentistry, Health Sciences, Medicine and Veterinary Science).

Priority access to accommodation to all care experienced applicants.

  • Deposit payment scheduled to coincide with funding being available from Student Finance England. No guarantor required.

Post Entry Mentoring Project:

  • Care experienced undergraduates will be allocated an undergraduate mentor who will offer 3-5 hours of one-to-one support which will focus on referencing, researching, producing assignments and library skills etc.


Student Services

Students Services are responsible for supporting care experienced students during their studies at the University of Liverpool. Prior to starting at University we will contact care experienced applicants to arrange an introductory meeting for the beginning of the academic year. All care experienced students are provided with a named contact within Student Services who will provide support and advice for the duration of their studies, we offer the following:

Care Leaver Bursary of £3,000 for students who meet the criteria below:

  • Be aged 28 years or under (on 1 September of the year in which they commence their studies); and,
  • Have spent a minimum of 13 weeks in Local Authority care since the age of 14; and,
  • Be a ‘home’ (UK) undergraduate student or EU undergraduate student classified by the Student Loans Company as ‘home’ for student support purposes.

In addition we offer support with the following:

  • Money Advice including ensuring that the student is receiving the correct level of funding, budgeting advice and discuss applications for discretionary funding from the University Hardship Fund.
  • Acting as a link between any external services including Local Authority, Social Service and landlord.
  • Liaise with any internal departments including academic departments if a student is struggling or in cases where the student may want to suspend or withdraw.
  • Referring to other Student Services departments if required including Disability Team, Advice and Guidance, Counselling and Mental Health.
  • Providing a listening ear when the student just wants to talk.

Careers and Employability

  • Employability Support Award – a bursary is available to help with the costs of undertaking a work experience opportunity, or other activity to enhance care experienced students’ employability. £5,000 of this fund is ring fenced for care leavers to support employability development.
  • Support with exploring career options, connecting with a range of employers, and with making effective work experience and graduate job applications is available through our Career Studio.
  • All care experienced students are provided a named contact from Careers and Employability, and specific to their faculty, who can act as an Employability Mentor and support students with employability-related matters on a face to face basis.

2. A Robust Employment Offer

The Careers and Employability offer at the University of Liverpool is focused on enabling students to achieve success. Our innovative and engaging approach ensures that each student has the opportunity to connect with relevant sector professionals, gain new experiences and develop the confidence to be successful in their applications. Our brand new student-led Career Studio is a digitally enabled drop-in space for students to explore their options, connect with employers and perfect their application technique. Our dedicated Faculty Teams work in partnership with academic departments to embed careers and employability throughout the curriculum. Our Employer Engagement Team develop relationships with leading graduate recruiters to offer unique opportunities for our students and the Student Success Team focus on providing support and opportunity across the whole student journey.

Student Advocate Programme – Widening Participation

The University runs a Student Advocate programme which is open to all students to apply to for work during their time here. Working as a Student Advocate gives our students the chance to inspire young people who may be first in their family to go to university, to aim higher and learn about opportunities in higher education. The role is to support the work of Widening Participation and Shaping Futures and involves the following:

• Providing support on visit days during classroom based sessions and residential events
• Delivering talks or mentoring in school
• Staffing stands at careers fairs and HE events

Students from a Widening Participation background are targeted in promotion of the roles to enable them to act as role models to prospective young people. Students from a care experienced background are prioritised for Student Advocate roles; they will still be expected to complete the application process and attend an interview to help with their personal development but the job is assured, subject to Disclosure and Barring Service checks. Students can work in this role for the duration of their course and are paid minimum wage plus holiday pay (currently equivalent to an hourly rate of £9.73).

Project Assistant – Widening Participation

Widening Participation recruit Project Assistants to work within their team who are University of Liverpool Graduates. Interviews for these roles when they become available are ring fenced for care experienced students. The roles are varied but they will support the various different projects run by Widening Participation and involves admin, service delivery and coordinating academic mentoring. Salaries vary depending on level of responsibility.

Work Experience Opportunities through Careers & Employability

The Careers & Employability department at the University of Liverpool provide a wide range of opportunities for work experience to all of our students. Care experienced students are provided with a named Employability Mentor that these students can work with, ensuring they are fully aware of the opportunities available, details below:

• Working part-time as a Careers Coach in the Career Studio (earnings £9.19 per hour)
• Volunteering as a Peer Mentor for other students in their subject area,
• Volunteering with local charities through the Guild of Students,
• Work experience, internship and placement opportunities available with partner employers (both local and national),
• Participation in challenges set by business e.g. the Amsterdam Innovation Challenge and the Unilever Sustainability Challenge,
• Opportunity to develop entrepreneurial experiences through activities and initiatives.

Pre-Apprenticeship Programme

The University of Liverpool offer a pre-apprenticeship programme in partnership with One Ark and Knowsley Community College. The scheme is for 16/17 year olds who are not in employment, education or training and provides opportunities to undertake administrative or practical activities working in an Office/Laboratory or Library. The programme lasts 6 months, pays £4.35 per hour and has a College day release study programme. Care experienced applicants are encouraged to apply for this through promotional material.

Unpaid Work Experience – availability to the community

The University does not have a structured work experience programme for members of the local community, however departments offer placements on an ad hoc basis and are available depending on level of staff available to supervise and the amount of suitable work. As this work experience is not structured there is no ring fencing for care experienced applicants but the University does recognise that this group may face additional challenges around education and employment and therefore applications from anyone from a care experience background are particularly welcomed.

GiveGetGo Volunteering Programme

The University offer volunteering opportunities for unemployed people in the City of Liverpool through the award winning (2018 UHR Award for HR Excellence) GiveGetGo programme, which is in Partnership with Transform Lives Company. The programme provides opportunities for local unemployed people who are seeking work through volunteering, and provides a range of new skills. GiveGetGo is aimed at people who without a bit of extra help would struggle to find work. We specifically welcome applications from long-term unemployed people, veterans, people who’ve suffered with their health or mental health, social housing tenants, and care experienced.

3. Community

Liverpool Law Clinic

Liverpool Law Clinic provides free legal services to the local community whilst providing students with a valuable educational experience as they assist practicing lawyers to provide support.  The Law Clinic is committing to providing access to justice and works closely with the voluntary sector in Liverpool to ensure that we a providing services to those who need it most.  We have two main areas of specialism, immigration law and child law.  Our immigration lawyers run an award winning project in partnership with the Red Cross to provide free legal advice and representation to victims of trafficking.  We also work in partnership with Crisis and Citizen’s Advice to provide specialist support to vulnerable EU nationals needing to obtain settled status.  We have education and family lawyers in our child law service and we run an outreach service at Liverpool Family Court supporting litigants in person in the family justice system.  All of the work done in the Law Clinic is based on the belief that the University has a crucial role to play in providing support and services for our local community and in reaching out to some of the more vulnerable people in our region.

Liverpool University Dental School

The Dental School at the University of Liverpool provides free dental care which is available to the local community.  Treatment is provided by our dental students and is supervised by a qualified dentist.  Treatment is available during term-time only when the allocated dental student is available.  Anyone using the service will need to attend an assessment appointment with a member of staff to confirm suitability for an appointment.  Treatments offered by the School include:

  • Fillings
  • Gum treatments
  • Crowns
  • Dentures

For further information: liverpool.ac.uk/dentistry/freedentaltreatment/

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