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Northumbria University


is committed to supporting Care Leavers. This is the collaborative, whole-institution response evidenced through the Care Leaver Covenant.

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Please detail the full life-cycle support you have in place for care leavers.

When detailing a response to this “pillar” we ask you to bear in mind (and where appropriate make reference to):

  • The DfE Principles for Supporting Care Leavers in HE – which applies in part to FEC
  • That all appropriate and relevant information is kept up to date (and regularly checked) on the Propel Site
  • The CSJ and First Star’s pledge of supporting 12×24
  • The outcomes of NNECL’s Quality Mark Pilot, with the long-term consideration of signing up.
  • Reviewing and improving this provision every year, or as new advice is published – whichever comes first.

Please use this section to detail the full life-cycle support you offer to care leavers / experienced students. The following subheadings might help you to structure your thoughts:

Pre-entry support


  • Choices Together Progressive programme from Year 7-13.
  • Accompany students to open days, interviews etc. Cover expenses for getting to and from campus and lunch etc.
  • Tailored UCAS and Student Finance application support.
  • Offer advice and guidance and potential CPD sessions for student support workers, parents/carers, local authorities, and virtual schools around UCAS and Student Finance etc. Put together a guide using the NNECL guide for staff as a basis.
  • Set up a Teams chat for the five universities for questions, to support knowledge sharing.
  • Put together a comprehensive virtual school/LA contacts list and detail local offer for each LA, all in one place. Ensure that this is regularly maintained and kept up to date.

Partner University

  • Named University contact who engages with the working group and has, or is willing to develop, an underlying knowledge of care experienced students. The named contact should form part of a staff member’s role and time should be allocated for CPD opportunities to further develop their understanding of this role.
  • We are currently considering how student data can be collected, via UCAS and via enrolment form. Reach out directly to students, pre-entry, and post-entry.
  • Visit to campus and meeting with named contact offering specific advice around application, finance, and accommodation options.
  • Automatic eligibility for University supported entry routes.
  • We are currently considering guaranteed contextual offer for Care Experienced students.

Post-entry support



  • Support with moving in, to include personal meet-and-greet at station/airport etc. and help with moving belongings. Don’t wear staff t-shirts/lanyards, just own clothes so that student isn’t ‘visibly’ being supported by staff.
  • Welcome pack provided, to include basics such as £20 supermarket voucher and new home card with contact details.

Partner University-

  • Option for early arrival.
  • Consider waiving accommodation deposit.
  • Year-round accommodation and possible social activities through vacation periods.
  • Free summer storage facilities. Consider this for placement/study abroad years too.

Financial support


  • Finance and budgeting sessions as part of progressive programme.

Partner University-

  • Guaranteed £2,000 bursary for all undergraduate Care Experienced students based on eligibility criteria
  • Signposting to additional financial support.
  • Appointment with University Inclusion practitioner offered and referrals to financial advisers available throughout study
  • Priority for initiatives and funds such as Employability Learning Fund and Student Inclusion Consultant opportunities


  • Provide specialist training for personal tutors/other staff working with students
  • Birthday cards sent right from beginning of the Choices Together Progressive Programme throughout university studies.


Partner University-

  • Contact made by Wellbeing team when student registers confirming services available.
  • Mental health support can be expedited based on Inclusion Practitioner referral and recommendations if appropriate
  • Working towards collaborating with the University Students’ Union to offer informal meet ups, coffee mornings etc. and social media groups. Working towards engaging Care Experienced Ambassadors to support this. Look at supporting the setup of CE student club/society.

Graduation and beyond


  • Attend graduation ceremonies.
  • Set up Care Experienced alumni network, offering support to alumni but also supporting new students coming through. Sharing knowledge and continued support for alumni.
  • Celebrate successes with case studies on NERAP website.

Partner University

  • Considering providing a graduation day package – free gown hire, photography package and free tickets.
  • Graduation bursary to support with transition from university enabled through end of term payment of second bursary instalment

We are currently considering extending financial support to postgraduate students.


A robust employment offer

From application support, or adapted application processes and mentoring, to specific internships, work experience, apprenticeships or traineeships.

This is very much open for institutional specific responses, but we believe that every institution is in a position through supporting care leavers as students to translate aspects of this to supporting and offering opportunities to current and potential employees.

Please use this section to detail the offer you could make as an EMPLOYER – see guidance doc.


  • Careers and employability sessions included in progressive programme.
  • NERAP to consider hosting a work experience placement/voluntary opportunity.

Partner University-

  • CV/application/ interview support offered by University Careers Services during course and up to three years post-graduation.
  • Actively target CE students for Student Ambassador or equivalent positions and offer guaranteed interview.
  • Named contact within Careers team, introduced during Freshers’ week and working with students throughout.

Detail how care leavers will access your employment offer(s)?

Please consider the application (including start and end dates), interview, transitional and ongoing support. Please also state the length of time for each opportunity and rates of pay, or subsidy – this can be included in the main body of the detail above and will be drawn out and posted on the Care Leaver Covenant app where appropriate.



How does the institution build relationships and engage with the local community?

Consider student clinics – medical or law for example. Health and beauty treatments, culinary schools or sports coaching in colleges, or information on talk series and open events etc.

Consideration should be given to the advertising and access and / or discounted opportunities, which could be hosted on the Care Leaver Covenant app.

Consider how this information is publicised, how this might be augmented to enhance the reach to a care leaving audience?

Please use this section to detail how your institution interfaces with the local care leaving community and what development opportunities there might be.

Partner University –

  • Offer rooms on campus for care experienced student events, e.g. with virtual schools, LA foster carer training.
  • All to become NNECL and NorthCLASS members.
  • Engagement with LAs, virtual schools, foster carers etc.-NERAP family fun days etc.
  • We are in the process of looking to the feasibility of a Christmas Dinner Project– Joint effort between Partners and NERAP working with wider community. Explore what LAs are doing for this.


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Care Leaver Covenant

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If you have further questions or would like any more information, you can contact the Care Leaver Covenant at any time.

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