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Summary: Reed Talent Solutions will assist young people to access a wide range of job vacancies with ongoing CV and general job seeking support.

Ref: REED0000001

Summary: A confidential service, available at no charge, to any employees with depression, anxiety, stress or other mental health issues affecting their work.

Ref: REM0000001

Summary: We are offering care leavers the opportunity to undertake an apprenticeship with us, in a variety of roles.

Ref: ANC000001

Summary: Guidance and support for interested care leavers in this opportunity with a chance to land an apprenticeship at Blackpool's hospitals.

Ref: BTH0000001

Summary: Email and webinar careers advice to care leavers who would like to get into (or progress in) careers in care, childcare and education.

Ref: CAC00001

Summary: To support care leavers we will run ‘Careers in the NHS’ and employability skills sessions. These sessions will take place online every 4 weeks.

Ref: MKU000001

Summary: 1:1 support available from pastoral mentors to discuss any issues arising for any students.

Ref: GBM000001

Summary: Health and Safety Apprentice is a part of the Arena Health & Safety team and supports the development of Arena safety arrangements.

Ref: AG0000002

Summary: This is a great opportunity to join the team at Quantum Care Ltd. and work towards a Level 2 Adult Care Worker qualification.

Ref: QUC00000001

Summary: Our opportunity programmes offer you work experience through an Opportunity placement at one of our partner organisations.

Ref: RISE0000001

Summary: The aim of the programme is to provide apprenticeship opportunities and living accommodation within the hospital to young people aged 16–24 years old.

Ref: SWB000001

Summary: Career opportunity to work within the NHS Foundation trust as a Novice Clinical Support Worker Apprentice.

Ref: TDG0000001

Summary: Online structured and supported programme, focused on improving independence and well-being.

Ref: SYM0000001

Summary: An intensive 12-week programme of life skills and employability workshops.

Ref: TBH000002

Summary: Providing care education to over 5,000 children and young people in the UK in our fostering agencies, residential homes and SEN schools.

Ref: OFG0000001

Summary: Start a rewarding career in health and social care.

Ref: FHC0000001

Summary: Strive Training provides free pre-employment training opportunities for young people aged 19+ in London who are receiving benefits.

Ref: STTR0000001

Summary: The Childcare Company and Impact Futures are some of the UK’s largest independently owned training providers, with opportunities at a national level.

Ref: CCIF0000001

Summary: Become a great Support Worker in a team where everyone matters, and happiness is the key.

Ref: CHS000001

Summary: Traineeship & Apprenticeships

Ref: TVA0001

Summary: Each transition worker will provide intensive support to ten young people per year to transition from care into independent living.

Ref: AFC000001

Summary: Our offer to care leavers is to provide them with the opportunity to understand the vacancies available as well as develop employability skills.

Ref: MSEHP0000001

Summary: Stepping Stones Programme for development.


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