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Harper Adams University

Established in 1901, the university is a specialist provider of higher education for the agricultural and rural sector.

1. Student

Pre-application/ application stage:

  • We have named dedicated contacts who are able to provide information, advice and guidance (IAG) where possible to students who need additional support, all accessible via our named contact for the Covenant (Kimberley Chadwick). We will cover:

Pre-application IAG
Early application support, including where applicable Disability support and applying for DSA (Disabled Students Allowance)
On-course support & IAG

Preparing for work / careers support and IAG

  • Providing a range of aspiration raising activity through the university’s outreach team to care experienced young people in local schools and colleges, including campus visits.
  • Dedicated section of the planned Teachers and Advisors conferences to focus on spreading and advertising support and outreach available.
  • Commitment to designing Outreach provision aimed at parents and guardians to provide IAG around accessing Higher Education and the support available over the next 12 months.
  • Dedicated web pages ‘Access to Harper’* and hosted page, Propel. This will be reviewed and kept up to date.
  • Our Contextualised offer scheme reduces entry requirements by one grade for any care experienced individual, to recognise the likelihood that their studies are likely to have been disrupted, before, during and possibly after care (more information available at www.harper.ac.uk/access).
  • Through the Excellence and Opportunity Scheme, we make a small number of Unconditional Offers to those whose applications show outstanding potential. Where Care experienced individuals meet the requirements of our contextual offer scheme, we adjust the basis on which we judge outstanding applicants’ eligibility for an Excellence and Opportunity Scheme offer.
  • We are committed to creating stronger relationships and links with the personal advisors and local authority to ensure that activity and opportunity is promoted to care experienced young people.


On course Support:

  • Care experienced students are included in our Participation and Student Success (PASS) scheme list with a view to ensure that students are individually made aware of the day to day living, academic, and professional guidance that is available to them.
  • Booking opens earlier for care experienced students to secure a place on the Transitions Conference which aims at preparing students for university life;
  • The Transitions Conference provides an early opportunity to meet fellow students, meet the student support and wellbeing team and attend a number of conference sessions aimed at enhancing skills and awareness of university life from a social and academic point.
  • 365-day accommodation available on campus from the point of becoming a registered student at Harper Adams; if we are unable to fulfill this, support is provided to find other suitable accommodation all year round.
  • Able to prioritise applications for accommodation and the type of accommodation allocated.
  • Options to adapt payment plans around accommodation if required.
  • Priortised appointment slots available for care experienced individuals with the Student Wellbeing team.
  • Care experienced students have the option to access fortnightly appointments with the Academic Guidance Team for the first term.
  • Access, support and guidance to ensure that receipt of entitlements to financial support through local and central government-backed schemes, working with personal advisors.
  • Access and applications support available for the Access to Learning Fund (ALF)** and Hardship grants/loans.
  • The Students’ Union will assess on a case by case basis subsidised ticket or event costs and will also look to support, where required, to participate in sports and societies at a reduced cost
  • Care experienced individuals will receive priority access to a series of 4 workshops run by Student Services and the Wellbeing team focusing on Self Confidence and Self Esteem.
  • Other workshops are also available such as;

                             ‘Stress to Success’
                             ‘Look after your mate’ (mental health).
                              Accommodation workshops (how, where and who)

                              Weekly finance drop-in tutorials
                              Couch to 5k

  • Shuttle buses (transport) is available*** between Newport and the Harper Adams Campus through term time Monday – Saturday and transport available to Telford on Sunday. This is an all year-round service, though runs on a reduced schedule outside of term time.
  • We endeavor to review services and support and the impact of this on individual groups including care experienced students.

‘Access to Harper’* – www.harper.ac.uk/access

Access to Learning Fund (ALF)** – www.harper.ac.uk/alf

Shuttle Bus information*** – store.harper-adams.ac.uk/product-catalogue/student-zone/student-zone/shuttle-bus-pass


2. A Robust Employment Offer

Pre-Application/ application stage:

  • Outreach provision designed to identify and guide choices around industry and careers, including advice around work experience.
  • Prioritised places for care experienced students to gain 1- or 2-week work experience placements at Harper, including opportunities to complete CREST/Nuffield projects.
  • Access to Agriculture Scheme to support pre-enrolment applicants secure work experience and, subject to meeting contextualised entry conditions, enrolments on the Access to Agriculture programme to enable agriculture students to satisfy normal work experience entry requirements before the commencement of Year 2.


On course support:

  • We offer a range of careers advice and support during studies and after graduation, which includes individual support to identify suitable career paths, undertake role research and guidance to successfully complete vacancy selection processes.
  • Harper Adams Careers Service runs an autumn programme called ‘becoming a professional’. This involves employers offering practice interviews and advice sessions. Places will be targeted at care experienced individuals who would have a guaranteed place in one of these sessions.
  • Guidance and support available to apply for Development Trust Scholarships*, which include employment opportunities. Care experienced individuals are encouraged to apply where applicable and given assistance with the process.
  • Students have access to individualised support to secure an appropriate, compulsory placement period and are provided with a placement tutor for the duration of the placement year. (Many roles are paid; others will offer benefits such as accommodation, training or use of a car. Some placements are linked to scholarships).
  • Work opportunities of varying lengths available within some of the university’s services departments, subject to availability of vacancies. (Pay dependent upon contracted hours and department), available for all students.
  • Care experienced students are guaranteed an interview for a role as a Student Ambassador, which is a paid role (£7.68 + Holiday Pay = £8.50 – reviewed yearly). Flexible working opportunity around studies for duration of the time at Harper Adams (subject to satisfactory work – would need to identify themselves to our MyCovenant contact at Harper Adams, Kim Chadwick)
  • Care experienced guaranteed interview to become an online Unibuddy ambassador, which is a paid role (£7.68 + Holiday Pay = £8.50 – reviewed yearly). Flexible working opportunity around studies for duration of the time at Harper Adams (subject to satisfactory work – would need to identify themselves to our MyCovenant contact at Harper Adams, Kim Chadwick)
  • Students have access to meet industry and network through the Careers and Placement Fair and the Land Management Careers Fair. Each event takes place once a year and allows students to engage with in excess of 130+ organisations. Advertised to all students via all student emails but care experienced students will also be encouraged to attend if accessing slots with the Wellbeing team.
  • Access and opportunity to apply for a wide range of land based accredited courses during studies, at a subsidised cost (up to 50% discount). A wide range of courses running on set dates throughout the year, costs ranging from £0 – £400). This is only for current students at the university and will be advertised to care experienced students earlier than all other students. Will have the opportunity to discuss with staff which courses may be beneficial and why.
  • The Careers team regularly advertise employment opportunities directly through our Harper Adams Website. Students have a secure login for this site and can access further support for the application process. Care experienced students are encouraged to access support through staff.

Development Trust Scholarships*www.harper-adams.ac.uk/apply/finance/scholarships/internal.cfm

3. Community

  • A range of events on campus throughout the year that are open to the public. An opportunity to be immersed in campus life and explore the courses, facilities, student services and support that’s available. These events are free to attend and event listings can be found here: harper.ac.uk/events.
  • We will look to advertise events and opportunities through our Virtual Head and personal advisers to help us reach care experienced individuals. We aim to work closely with the Shropshire Council to achieve this, through their local offer.
  • We will look to identify ways to nationally better advertise to care experienced students.
  • We will look to work with collaborative partners and groups such as the Widening Participation Collaborative Group (Derby University, Staffordshire University, Keele University, Reasehath College and University of Oxford) and our local Higher Horizons NCOP and Outreach Hub to support open community events where required.
  • There is a commitment to dedicate a section of the future Teachers and Advisers conference to have specific sections around student support, wellbeing and careers.
  • We will be working to create bespoke Outreach sessions aimed at Parents and Guardians to give IAG around Higher Education to help dispel myths and barriers and outline the opportunities, challenges and support available. We will look to invite personal advisors and virtual heads too.
  • We will also look to get support from personal advisors to come in and speak to staff here at Harper Adams to better educate our staff around the barriers and challenges these individuals may face.


We will offer free use of rooms on site for Care leaver charities to use for events if liaised with the Harper Adams Outreach team and contact Kim Chadwick

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